Participate in the exhibition

On the 8th of April, hundreds of students, adventurers and epicureans will come to the ''Grote Kerk'' located in Breda, the Netherlands. The visitors of this exhibition are all intrested in a foreign adventure. At the Xperience Abroad exhibition, we emphasize on offering the foreign experience and giving information about different countries.

Most of the visitors will be stepping across the border to go on a new adventure, but need further information. There is no better place to be than at the Xperience Abroad Fair!

Are you interested in getting into contact with these students, adventurers and epicureans? Do you want to inform and give them advise? Are you able to satisfy their need of going abroad? Then we want you to participate as an exhibitor at the exhibition. You'll be in direct contact with your target audience.

If you're interested, you can hire a stand. When you rent a stand, you will be promoted on our site and exhibition catalog for free!

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